Easier Access to Primary Health Care for New Brunswickers

Medavie Health Services has formed a transformational partnership with the New Brunswick Department of Health to provide easier access to quality health care that can help New Brunswickers become and stay healthy.

Delivering health care is a challenge faced across Canada. Nowhere is this truer than in New Brunswick, where an aging population is heavily reliant on emergency departments and after-hour walk-in clinics to serve health care needs. Many individuals who could be cared for in primary health care, home-care, or long-term care settings are hospitalized, adding additional pressures and costs on an already stressed health care system. 

We want to address this challenge with a new and innovative solution. New Brunswick will shift the focus of health care away from hospitals and toward our homes and communities, where people are happiest and healthiest. By bringing together the Province’s primary health care providers into a single, collaborative system, our aim is to help people stay healthy and in their homes as long as possible, help them navigate the health care system when they do need it, and ultimately to ensure they receive the right care at the right time.

What We Are Doing

Under this new model of care, Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) and the Extra-Mural Program (EMP)—the province’s frontline primary health care providers—will work together and closely with Tele-Care 811 (811) as part of an integrated system that coordinates and delivers care to those who need it.

Why We Are Doing It

Historically, the New Brunswick health care system has been focused on acute care. The system has strong foundations but is not designed to address many primary health care, home-care, or long-term care needs. By integrating and strengthening elements of the primary health care system, more care will be shifted from the hospital into patients’ homes and communities, creating new capacity within the overall health care system.

How We Are Doing It

Medavie Health Services is partnering with the Government of New Brunswick to make this new model for primary health care a reality. But the transition will not take place overnight. We will take the time to get it right and ensure ANB and EMP are aligned to best serve New Brunswickers.

During a transition period, EMP will remain the responsibility of the Regional Health Authorities. Gradually, management of the EMP will be shifted to Medavie Health Services (MHSNB), an organization under the Medavie Health Services umbrella.

With this new approach, New Brunswickers will have a primary health care system that will enhance their experience as patients and improve their health outcomes, improve services for their families, and add value for the province’s taxpayers and health care.

Who We Are

Medavie Health Services, together with Medavie Blue Cross, is part of Medavie — a health services organization with roots in New Brunswick going back close to 75 years. Combined, Medavie employs and manages almost 5,500 employees across Canada. We support the Medavie Health Foundation as part of our commitment to a different kind of health care. 

Medavie Health Services has successfully implemented various innovative models of primary health care across Canada – demonstrating success in organizing health system assets through innovative solutions. It also has a proven track record delivering an exceptionally high level of patient satisfaction operating Ambulance New Brunswick in both official languages since 2007. Feel free to learn more about us throughout this site