From the lab to the community - Mount Saint Vincent University developing nutrition initiative with Medavie funding

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November 27, 2019

Halifax, NS – Mount Saint Vincent University is receiving $325,000 from Medavie in support of a new and innovative nutrition initiative that will bring healthy food knowledge from the laboratory to the community in improving health outcomes for Canadian families.

Working out of the state-of-the-art Medavie Community Kitchen, located in MSVU’s Centre for Applied Research in Human Health, faculty researchers Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy and Dr. Shannan Grant will build on their existing research to make improvements in the quality and effect of the foods we eat. This includes developing new food products and reformulating existing products to improve their nutrient value in-line with Canada’s Food Guide, influencing health outcomes associated with chronic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Through our Foundation, Medavie supports community-based programs aligned with adolescent mental health and post-traumatic stress, and initiatives that support active living and healthy eating. Since late 2011, Medavie Health Foundation has committed over $14.2 million in support of these causes, including $4 million here in Nova Scotia.

Quick Facts

  • A Mount Saint Vincent University study showed that cereals consumed with Greek yogurt high in protein led to reduced blood glucose compared to breakfast cereals consumed with non-dairy coconut fermented product high in dietary fibre.1
  • Another recent MSVU project demonstrated that a partial reduction of added sugar in chocolate milk results in a “sensory acceptable product” for children and adults.2
“As a not-for-profit health solutions partner, Medavie is committed to improving the wellbeing of Canadians. Through investments in programs and innovative solutions, we help people live well and enable easier access to quality health care in our communities. This initiative will look at the science of food in promoting healthy eating and food literacy, which aligns with our support of initiatives that improve access to healthy food choices, while reducing risk factors for type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.” Bernard Lord, CEO, Medavie
“We’re sincerely grateful to have the generous support of Medavie in advancing the work of our researchers in Applied Human Nutrition. The entire population stands to benefit from their critical work focused on improving our health and wellbeing through nutrition. Thanks to Medavie, this work is being propelled by new state-of-the-art facilities at MSVU.” Dr. Mary Bluechardt, President and Vice-Chancellor, Mount Saint Vincent University
“We are grateful to Medavie for funding our program initiative at MSVU in the design and development of locally sourced, healthy and affordable foods, with food reflecting the new Canada’s Food Guide and dietary guidelines for sugar, fat and sodium. This approach to chronic disease prevention will provide education opportunities to develop food skills and knowledge suitable for children, youth, parents and our community.” Dr. Bohdan Luhovy, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Human Nutrition, Mount Saint Vincent University

1. Mather, K., et al., The effect of dairy and non-dairy cultured products added to breakfast cereals on blood glucose control, satiation, satiety, and short-term food intake in young women. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 2017. 42: p. S31-32.

2. Luhovyy, B.L., et al., The sensory perception of chocolate milks varying in fat and added sugar content by human adults. Accepted to Eurosence 2018: Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, September 2-5, 2018, Verona, Italy. 2018.

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